Kupa Piti landscape

kupapiti landscape.jpg
kupapiti landscape.jpg

Kupa Piti landscape


Oils on Canvas 2007

signed bottom right hand corner KS 07

and on the back of the painting

previously shown in exhibitions at Pivotal Galleries and Jackman Gallery

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One of several paintings depicting the landscape around Coober Pedy in the morning light.  

Inspired by a trip to the Central desert of Australia in 2006, the landscape of Coober Pedy in South Australia was so different from anything I had ever seen, it drew me back several more times over the years.

Recently revisiting the area in August 2017, there is nothing I could do differently about painting this landscape.

I have deliberately given the painting the Pitjantjatjara spelling of Kupa Piti, rather than Coober Pedy, the official, anglicised name - which means "white man in hole", referring to the Opal miners attracted to this place from all over the world.